GoDaddy vs.WordPress My New Website

Welcome to my new website, formerly known as my Tracy blog.

A whole bunch of years ago, I bought a domain from Go Daddy. Okay, I bought 6., .net and .org and the same for tracycarbone. I also used Go Daddy for hosting  because everyone recommended them, they were cheap, and they have great customer service. Over the years I’ve used quite a few different types of Web Design software. I’ve never been crazy about any of them. I’m technically challenged and get frustrated whenever I have to update anything.

I’ve been using iWeb, which came with my Mac. That’s worked fine and is pretty easy, even for me. I also opened a WordPress account so I could write blogs. The iWeb software has the option for blogs but you have to use their hosting if people want to leave comments, and I refuse to abandon Go Daddy.

Up until about a week ago, I didn’t realize there were appearance options within WordPress. Actually, on the left side of the dashboard there were tons of options. All this time I’ve been using the blue and white standard template when I could have made it much more professional and attractive. I started playing around with my blog and was able to make it look a lot like my real website.

So I started wondering, why not just combine them?

I went on Go Daddy today and wondered how hard it would be. I’d known people to do this before but they’re web specialists or IT guys. Surprisingly, all I had to do was click on my main domain, and click “forward.” It said “Do you want to mask it?” Cool! Masking means instead of the address bar in my blog reading tracycarbone.wordpress it will read  When I read up how to do this from the WordPress side last week I was utterly confused and got the impression I’d have to pay. But from the Go Daddy side it’s a snap.

All my other domains were already forwarded to the main one so they just, well double forward for lack of knowing what it’s called. It took about 6 hours or so before it was fully functioning due to what the friendly Go Daddy tech called “Propagation.” I will continue to pay for the hosting at GoDaddy because my webmail is attached to it and because I’m paid up for quite a while.

I am really excited to have everything in one place. I’m still working the kinks out of the sites so it will take it a little while to get it just right. I will be posting and updating a lot more often so stay tuned!


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