The Menders: Pilot

Stage 32A couple of years ago when I was attending a Writers’ Conference in Atlanta, I attended a panel about screenwriting, and how to sell your book or script to Hollywood. The main messages were: It’s really hard to do, network like crazy, learn your craft, don’t give up, network some more, know your market, write well, and network like crazy.

Being somewhat shy, I have an issue with networking like crazy. I can do it when I have to but it’s not my favorite thing. There was one other big message. Get an account on Stage 32.

It’s a great site that lets you meet other writers, and pitch your work. It shows you how to pitch your work. They’ve got articles and classes and contests…

I did this some time ago and every once in a while sent in pitches for my TV pilot. I always take the written pitches and never the Skype ones because, well, the shy/ insecure thing. I’ve done it twice and got kind of mean feedback on one, because of a typo in the pitch, and a note that the format of the pitch was wrong. It’s worth noting that the format is shown as an example on the Stage 32 site. The second pitch’s receiver was very nice (had a small typo of her own and didn’t mention mine). She really liked it and said the writing was very good and it was an original story. Not enough to take it, but she gave me hope and gave a valid critique. Both resulting in my tweaking my pitch and logline.

I had forgotten that I’d entered the Happy Writers 3rd Annual TV Writing Contest back in February. The thing that’s good about contests is that I usually get feedback, it makes me feel like I’m trying to sell my work, and it’s all electronic.

I was very happy to open an email the other day letting me know that I placed in the TOP 10 in the contest. I didn’t win but that’s okay. Even placing in the top 10 is a big deal, to me at least. It boosted my confidence just enough that maybe I’ll try to market it a little harder, and maybe even write a new screenplay or book or story one of these days.