Rebound Dogs

7 LilyI want to apologize if it seems as if I’ve dropped off the earth, and never update my blog. I have not, in fact, ceased to exist. It’s true I have not written any fiction in months and months. I have not published new books, or sold (or tried to sell) any short stories. The pilot and bible I wrote for the supernatural drama TV series is sitting in a virtual drawer.

I have however been pouring a lot of effort into my Rebound Dogs blog. This is a blog I created over six years ago under a pseudonym. It started as a way to vent about the horrors of dating, about weight loss, about getting a Rebound Dog instead of a Rebound Boyfriend.

As it turned out, in the midst my spewing venom, I met a nice guy in California (on Facebook). The blog chronicles my transformation from jaded, angry, steadfast New Englander to happy, well-adjusted Californian. When I go back and read the first entries, I’m surprised at how much I’ve changed, and how much my and my daughter’s lives have changed.

My publisher, Shadowridge Press aka, the Nice Guy From California, will be publishing the blogs in book form, starting from that first fateful day when I snuck off to Starbucks to type my anger into a newly created blog, to the most recent from a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote one I thought was a good place to stop. My eighth grade English teacher Mrs. Chadwick used to say, when asked how long something needed to be, “as long as it needs to be.” And that recent entry was a good stopping point.

The blog will continue, of course, as I find through my other self, my Carly G, that I’m able to dig deep into my emotions and write about them in a way I just can’t as Tracy C. It’s therapeutic for me and keeps my brain from atrophying.

Here is a link to the blog, which I encourage you to check out REBOUND DOGS. In a few months, the book form will be available in print and on Kindle and maybe I’ll even try to set up some signings.

Until then, this blog may be a little dormant except for an occasional recipe.

Have a wonderful day!