Low Carb Pumpkin Pudding

After many years of yo yo dieting, I’ve some to accept that low carb is really the only thing that will ever work for me. What I can’t seem to handle long term though is total Atkins, meaning very low carb or none at all. That works for a week or two for me. I lose a bunch of weight, feel motivated…then I get so sick of hunks of meat and eggs and cheese I run screaming back to Snickers and mac and cheese.

So I decided a modified low carb might work best for me. I’ll stay away from bread and pasta and rice and the big sugar triggers but I’m going to add in more fruits and vegetables.

get-attachment.aspxTonight’s recipe tastes a lot like the inside of a pumpkin pie. I find it makes 4 large servings at 7.5 carbs each. It takes a few hours as you cook it in a crock pot, but it’s super easy with just a few ingredients.

-1 can pumpkin. NOT pumpkin mix

-3/4 cup heavy cream

1/4 tsp nutmeg and 1/4 tsp cinnamon


1 egg

4 packets Splenda to taste. For me 4 was just enough.


Mix everything in a food processor until smooth.

Pour into a crock pot on high for 3 hours. I used crock pot liners to make clean up easier. In three-four hours, it will be golden brown and steaming hot. I eat it as a dessert with a squirt of whipped cream or as a side dish for dinner.


I’m estimating on the carb count but I’d say 21 carbs for the pumpkin 4 for the Splenda, 1 for the egg, 4 for the cream. Total carbs for full batch 30. That’s 7.5 for a large serving,


Or divide accordingly.

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight. Chicken salad (baked breasts in a food processor with mayo) wrapped in lettuce, pumpkin and a cheese stick, divided.I don’t know how many carbs were in the total meal but I know it’s a heck of a lot less than a bowl of spaghetti and a bunch of garlic bread. Baby steps…


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