Publishing e-Books on

When I first learned how to upload short stories to Kindle, I fell into their marketing effort to grant them exclusivity for 90 days. It really is a good program as they offer you 5 days of free giveaways each month. From what I’ve experienced, offering free books to readers greatly increases readership and generally increases sales afterwards as well. But some people don’t have a Kindle and don’t want to download the Kindle app to their phones or iPads. Several of my friends have said “Can I get any of your work on The Nook?”

I tried putting a story up on Smashwords which will supposedly roll it out to many venues, but I found the process cumbersome.  A manager in a Barnes & Noble store told me about Pubit. It’s the B&N’s system to VERY EASILY load your e-books.

In the last few days I put three stories up. The others will have to wait until their exclusive periods from Kindle expire.

I am outlining the process here. It’s really a snap.

First CLICK HERE to access the PUBIT site, which is part of Barnes & Noble. If you already have a B&N account from buying books, you can use that. Otherwise, sign up for one which is a quick process.

Click the first section for UPLOAD/CREATE an Account.  As with Kindle you’ll have to fill in your name, address, SS# etc to set the PubIt acount up.

From there ADD a BOOK. You can see the few I’ve added here.

Add in your title and other details including the description about the book, tags, and categories (you can list 5). Don’t forget to add your cover. The button for this is up on the right and you might miss it.

Below is another screen shot of the set up.

I think the best part of the PubIt site is that you can upload a Word Document. There’s no fancy formatting or html formatting. Spaces are fine. When you click preview, a virtual Nook comes up on the screen so you can see how it would really look. And if the formatting is off, just fix the Word doc and reload.

On a .99 book, you make .40 so the royalty is also higher. Granted, I don’t expect a lot of sales. In three days I sold one copy from the three stories I had up. But this is such a quick process that if you have a cover and document and synopsis, you can load a story in about five minutes.

The turnaround time is also much faster than with the Kindle. You are published within hours or less.

The biggest con is the distribution and relative low number of Nook users. But the more places a read can display his or her work, the better.

Good luck with your publishing and happy writing!

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