Hope House-It’s almost here

thMy thriller Hope House is coming soon. This book took about a year to write but half of that was research. It was the most research I’ve ever done for a novel. I went to Key West (for vacation) but while there went to customs and had a quite an interesting chat with the agents about how to smuggle babies into the country. I called an adoption agency to inquire about foreign adoptions, and we brainstormed about how I could scam to make (or rather so my villain could make) a lot more money per baby. He put me in touch with a guy with a puddle jumper who gave me tips on where to fly into (from Haiti) and how to make it all work. Hypothetically of course. And then there were the calls to fertility doctors…and then the book was done.

Below is my first blurb on the book, from Robert Walker.

Tracy L. Carbone’s Hope House strikes every chord perfectly. Hope House has a suspenseful plot, married to characters that enrapture the reader in a timely story that is reminiscent of a Michael Crichton novel, thanks to the use of cutting edge science/science fiction elements in a thriller novel. Gloria Hanes, the injured party who refuses to be a victim, and PI Kurt Malone are determined to know the truth at any cost. That is the kind of determination readers love to share.
                         — Robert W. Walker, author Annie’s War, Killer Instinct, and Cutting Edge

Without further ado, here’s a synopsis.

Suffering a miscarriage is a devastating experience for a woman, but what if right before the doctor removed the lifeless fetus, you felt it kick? And what if no one believed you? In Hope House, a riveting thriller, Gloria Hanes is a young beautiful woman who has taken great pains to move beyond the grief of losing her baby. When years later she receives a call that her bone marrow matches a child in need, she jumps at the chance to help. It turns out the little girl is the same age as Gloria’s would have been, and she’s adopted. Could it be her child? Or is this the same obsessive thinking that landed her in a mental hospital? When she approaches the adoption agency to ask, the danger begins, fueling her belief that her child is still alive. Enlisting the aid of a private investigator with a dark and mysterious past, she forges ahead on a quest around the globe, to the adoptive parents of several children whose birth mothers’ stories do not add up, to a baby farm in Haiti, and ultimately to a showdown where she learns the horrific truth about what science can and will create in the name of profit.

I will post more in coming days: cover art, release date, book signings…