Delusional or Just Really Creative?

by Tracy L. Carbone

Sometimes I fall asleep on the train to Boston during my morning commute. And then I wake up at some point really confused and see the most peculiar things, like walls of ocean or thousands of colors smeared across the sky like Van Gogh in real life. But then I wake up all the way and things come into focus and I realize there’s nothing extraordinary at all about what I see. I always enjoy these sleep-muddled forays into that weird realm.

And admittedly, sometimes when I’m walking down the street and not paying attention, I let my imagination run away with me and let real images blur into not so real ones. It’s fun in a way, and harmless (unless I trip over something).

I find if you keep looking at anything ordinary, eventually, if you let your imagination get the best of you, you can transform it into something else. It’s a fun exercise to boost creativity. This SITE has some wonderful images.

I’ve always assumed that everyone looked at regular people and sidewalks and doorways and saw magic in them, but the older I get I’m thinking, hmm, maybe not. Maybe it’s just the writers. It’s certainly amusing to cast nearly everything in a skewed dramatic light at will, but where does creativity and imagination cross the line into delusion?

Ally McBeal thrived on her visions. Her Dancing Baby became an icon.  Half the time people thought she was crazy but there were those special episodes where her co-workers surely envied her ability to transform make believe into real. The writers of the show celebrated her insanity. I mean, her “creativity.”

I, for one, like the quirky heightened way I view world, especially when I’m half asleep.  Next time you’re out and about, take a hard look at the world around you, toss in some childhood wonder, and see if you too can’t make a little magic happen before your eyes.

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