Sugar Gliders

On impulse on August 1, 2010, Abby and I bought a Sugar Glider from a display in our local mall. I was looking to get a new pet and couldn’t handle a 2nd dog or  2nd cat.  Like most people, I had never heard of a Sugar Glider but was intrigued by the idea of owning a marsupial, even it was tiny. We left the mall with Mia in a pink fleece zippered pouch and looked forward to a low maintenance easy to take care of pet.


We were afraid of her barking and terrified of her biting. She did bite, an awful, awful lot. She didn’t draw blood but when she stood up and screamed and darted at us, I wondered what the heck we had gotten ourselves into. We were told by the man at the mall to ignore the screaming and biting and hold her all the time anyway, albeit carefully.  We continued to hold her wriggling little body, while her endlessly long nails dug into our skin.

 The first week we had her, she came down with diarrhea.  This seemed an easy enough fix with the correct ratio of yogurt, Glid-a-mins and Kaopectate but it dragged on for over a week. The staff on the website was helpful and said I could take her to a vet but so long as she was acting otherwise healthy I could just keep up the “meds.” After a few more days it cleared itself up. I’m still giving her a bit of it for another week or so to make sure. I also gave her “Emergency Rescue Mix”which is probably patented so I can’t give the recipe, but it helped her energy level immediately.

So we’ve had her nearly a month now (today is August 29th) and she’s a little dream. HERE’S A MORE RECENT VIDEO- WEEK FOUR.  She no longer bites or screams when we take her out of the cage, though once she wakes up all the way and finds herself in our hands, she cries a little until we reassure her and then she’s fine. We leave her up on our shoulders while we walk around the house and she hasn’t jumped yet. We do let her free in the closet, where it’s Glider-Safe, and there’s nowhere can escape to. She likes these jaunts and it usually tuckers her out. 

She’s getting friendlier and more lovable everyday! We really love our little marsupial! Here’sVIDEO 3 to show her off. Everyone should have one. She has s short glass she likes to crawl into. She thinks she’s hiding but we get to sneak all these great close ups.

Well, it’s early September and she’s finally starting “flying” aka gliding. Here’s a great FLYING VIDEO of her acrobatics and cuteness.

She loves her new monkey toy.


New Entry-August 2012. We’ve had Mia two years now and she’s still a delightful little pet. She loves her dog and cat siblings, and the human one. We never hear the very loud screech anymore, as she feels comfortable and safe here. We were on The Animal Planet last December. CLICK HERE to see the clip from the show. Here are some recent pictures.

February 23, 2013-It’s been a long time since I’ve posted new pictures of Mia. She’s 2 1/2 now and a delightful addition to our family.

CLICK HERE for our 2012 HOLIDAY PET VIDEO. And below are some new pictures.







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