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I took a long hiatus from writing but was compelled to write a new story for the New England Horror Writers Anthology Wicked Women. Thankfully they accepted my story, “The Tale of Annette.” Here’s the book on my shelf. I’m very proud of the story and the collection and will write a review of the others as post in this blog. The publication lured my out of writing retirement and I’ve written two more since.

This is my most recent book and the one closest to my heart. It covers the first 100 blog entries of I started this under a pseudonym in 2011 when I was at my wits end, and determined never to date again. I was going to focus on becoming a better person, be happier, make a better life for myself and my daughter. The plan was to get a rebound dog instead of a rebound boyfriend. It all turned out better than I could have imagined and I’m proud to share my life lessons with anyone who would like to hear them.


Just Stories  The stories I’ve collected on the pages within don’t belong to any specific genre. They are not horror or thriller or romance or science fiction, though they have elements of many of those things. The one thing they all have in common is that they are cautionary tales. Don’t do something bad or it will come back and haunt you. Be careful what you wish for. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or pay the price. These are tales about people whose actions change them somehow, or change others. They balance the scales; hence they are “just” stories. I hope you enjoy these visits into my psyche and the lives of my characters.
The Rainbox“I took a trip and now everything is all messed up and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to die if I don’t fix it. I’m not even really here.”

When a young man discovers that his father is a murderer, he goes back in a time machine -The Rainbox – to change his history. But when he returns home, he’s standing over the body of a drowned little boy who looks just like him. He confronts the man who was his father but all has changed in this reality. No one knows him, no one believes him, and fate is determined to repeat events if he can’t alter destiny one more time . . .

MarnieMy Name is Marnie  After the brutal, senseless murder of her husband, Marnie Clifford tries to pull the threads of her out-of-control life back together. She flees from her painful past and looks to start a new life in a small, ramshackle but affordable cottage in a remote idyllic New England town, in hopes of finishing out her pregnancy in peace. But something isn’t quite right with her new home- not with the cottage itself and its vague familiarity; not with her new neighbor, a disheveled wild-eyed man with a limp and questionable motives; and certainly not with her unsettling visitor…a silent, restless, and very dead little girl. As the spectre’s visits become more and more frequent, Marnie begins to unearth the horrible secret of the cottage. A secret better left buried deep… 

Missing-formerly published as Hope House -Suffering a miscarriage is a devastating experience for a woman, but what if right before the doctor removed the lifeless fetus, you felt it kick? And what if no one believed you? In Hope House, a riveting thriller, Gloria Hanes is a young beautiful woman who has taken great pains to move beyond the grief of losing her baby. When years later she receives a call that her bone marrow matches a child in need, she jumps at the chance to help. It turns out the little girl is the same age as Gloria’s would have been, and she’s adopted. Could it be her child? Or is this the same obsessive thinking that landed her in a mental hospital? When she approaches the adoption agency to ask, the danger begins, fueling her belief that her child is still alive. Enlisting the aid of a private investigator with a dark and mysterious past, she forges ahead on a quest around the globe, to the adoptive parents of several children whose birth mothers’ stories do not add up, to a baby farm in Haiti, and ultimately to a showdown where she learns the horrific truth about what science can and will create in the name of profit. Published August 2013
proteus_cover_KINDLE_03-28-13The Proteus Cure-—“Paul Wilson and Tracy Carbone have penned a winner. The suspense is razor sharp and the characters masterfully drawn. Paul Wilson is at the top of the game, and Tracy Carbone is a welcome addition to the genre. You’ll love The Proteus Cure.” – Michael Palmer, NY Times best selling author of Political Suicide
—In medical ethics, the line between right and wrong is often blurred. Who is to decide what is for the good of humanity? Changing the world. One person at a time… That is the mission statement of Tethys Hospital, run by Dr. Bill Gilchrist and his deformed sister, Abra. VG723, their revolutionary stem-cell-based therapy, appears to be capable of doing just that for the cancer patients who come to Tethys. VG723 is often their last hope. But if they match the protocol, they’re virtually guaranteed a cure. Dr. Sheila Takamura, a young, dedicated oncologist, is proud to be involved in the clinical trials. Once the FDA approves it for widespread use, VG723 will revolutionize cancer therapy. That is why she’s alarmed when former patients return with bizarre syndromes. Yes, they’re cancer free, but they’re experiencing dramatic changes in their hair and skin and general appearance. When she investigates a possible link to the protocol, those patients start dying. As the body count grows, Sheila finds her own life in danger. She comes to suspect there might be a literal meaning behind the Tethys motto – but can she learn the truth in time to save herself and millions of others? Published April 2013
—“Wilson is one of the masters of the medical thriller.” – Larry King
Collection cover 3The Collection and Other Dark Tales-The Collection and Other Dark Tales is an eclectic mix of horrific and uplifting tales of the human condition in all its frailty. You will not find gritty, violent horror or torture chambers here. Nor will you find spin-offs of the traditional werewolves, vampires or zombies. What you will find are stories that will bore deep into your heart and mind with psychological twists; where long dead loved ones come back to haunt…and to save. You’ll find a grisly apartment building with unholy tenants, sociopathic children, jealous mothers – both living and dead, the truth about snow angels, and lost love that reaches out beyond the grave. Predators and prey all vie to tell their stories in these pages. This compilation of cautionary tales tells of humanity in all its beauty and ugliness. And there is no greater horror than that. Published March 2013
Rest COVERRestitution- A novel of suspense. Destiny intervenes for Tucker Millis, a delusional writer who needs a purpose in life and a plot for his new novel. When he discovers his new phone number once belonged to a man on the verge of turning himself in for a twenty-five year old murder, it’s a dream come true. Tucker uses the messages and calls intended for the murderer to manipulate lives and to craft his story. But he’s propelled back to reality when he can no longer escape the full horror and dire consequences of the world he’s created. Published October 2012
The Soul Collector-temporarily out of print- A Middle Grade paranormal mystery about a little girl who struggles with the shame of her father’s insanity until she learns about his mysterious past, and discovers she must help him to remember. A coming of age paranormal sci-fi novel set at real-life mystery America’s Stonehenge.



2017-12-27_12-00-58“Epitaphs” the inaugural Anthology of the New England Horror Writers, edited by co-chair Tracy L. Carbone and  featuring frightening fiction from the members. Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award.

2017-12-27_12-02-25 Cemetery Riots– co-edited with T.C. Bennett- Imagine yourself in a cemetery. Void of all light at the base of a tree. But it’s no ordinary tree. This tree abounds with the dead. Now envision that each tree limb is a short story with its own vision, its own length of words, and its own insanity.With that said, beware of the widow makers and the strange foreboding dwelling beneath. Remember, nothing’s heavenly in Cemetery Riots. Cemetery Riots is a new collection of dark cautionary tales edited by T. C. Bennett and Tracy L. Carbone. With great pride we introduce you to our stories and their authors… THE WAITING DEAD by Ray Garton, ABUSED by Richard Christian Matheson, CHILDREN’S HOUR by Hal Bodner, CARMICHAEL MOTEL by Kathryn E. McGee, THAT STILL, BLEEDING OBJECT OF DESIRE by Chet Williamson, LUNCH AT MOM’S by Tracy L. Carbone, FATHER AND SON by Jack Ketchum, THE DEMON OF SPITALFIELDS by Karen and Roxanne E. Dent, ERASURE by Lisa Morton, THE WINDOWS by T. C. Bennett, CERTAIN SIGHTS OF AN AFFLICTED WOMAN by Eric J. Guignard, THE MAN WHO KNEW WHAT TIME IT WAS by Dennis Etchison, THE RE-POSSESSED by James Dorr, CLOWN ON BLACK VELVET by Michael Sebastian, THE CELLAR by Kelly Kurtzhals, ETERNAL VALLEY by John Palisano, BLOOD by Taylor Grant, AMONG THE TIGERS by William F. Nolan, ALL OUR HEARTS ARE GHOSTS by Peter Atkins, THE ITCH by Michael D. Nye, and DRIVING HER HOME by John Everson.



“And Went on in Sunlight” a story of a teenager who has no idea she is part of a secret government experiment- in  Pernicious Invaders

“Lunch at Mom’s” a story of a man who is magically able to visit his deceased mother at lunch everyday for 50minutes  in the Cemetery Riots anthology.

“The Other Side of the Wall” -an irritable racist old man is dying to know what his new neighbors are up to in the yard, just over the wall- in Deathlehem Revisited

“Charlie’s Garden” (2015) a short about a woman who tends to her late husband’s garden of carniverous plants until one day she discovers the secret of his devotion to the hungry little monsters. This was published in Ghosts: Revenge.

“TheTruth About Snow Angels.”  The children of Bradfield are disappearing. No one would suspect the kindly old Mrs. Crowley, the town’s baker, renowned for her gingerbread cookies. But when Jane visits her for routine questioning, Mrs. Crowley divulges the whereabouts of the children and the terrifying truth about snow angels. Originally appeared in The Collection and Other Dark Tales.   then reprinted in Snowbound with Zombies: Tales of the Supernatural Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier

“The Quiet Christmas Tree,”  (2015) was selected as part of the Horror Writers Association’s Los Angeles Chapter’s charity anthology.  The book is called Winter Horror Days. This story involves a widower and his late wife, who is now a haunted and very mean Christmas Tree.

“Ellie’s Little Darlings”  (2014) appears in Bugs: Tales that Slither, Creep, and Crawl. It’s a cautionary tale about an abusive mother, her sad daughter, and the hundreds of friendly caterpillars who come to her rescue.

“The Pied Piper of Cottageville”  (2015) a zombie version of the Pied Piper appeared in  Once Upon an Apocolypse: 23 Twisted Fairy Tales.

“Hazel’s Twin,” (2015) a short disturbing story about Siamese twins separated at birth and the horrific repercussions that come later appears in Widow Makers, a James Newman benefit anthology.

“The Mirror,” (2014) about a carnival barker who purchases a  mirror at an antique shop to use in his show and finds out just how well this mirror of death and revenge works, is part of the Carnival of the Damned collection.

Four of my Drabble stories (exactly 100 words) are published on Specklit. Click the title of each to be brought to their site. The Tree Killer.  The Hysterical Pregnancy Tragedy at Oak View Terrace and Janice’s Daily Visits

“Dark Bits,” a flash piece about a bug therapy gone bad appeared in Dark Bits, published September 2013

“A Trip to Egypt,” was featured in Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification, published November 2013

“The Freeze,” made its debut in Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out, published November 2013

“Visions of a New York Loft,” appeared in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror, published September 2013

“Rent Control,” a chilling tale of a man haunted by demons on Halloween in  Salem. Originally appeared in 2010 in the premier issue of the Six-Fingered Hand.  Later appeared in The Collection and Other Dark Tales. 

“Stone Man,” Originally published in TRAPS, edited by Scott T. Goudsward. TRAPS  includes  Tracy’s “The Stoneman,” and many other dark mysterious tales. Later appeared in The Collection and Other Dark Tales. 

“The Attic.” The story of Solomon goes horribly awry when an idealistic young woman battles a ghost for the love of a chid. Originally appeared in the 13th issue of Necrotic Tissue. Later appeared in The Collection and Other Dark Tales. 

“The Tattooed Woman” appeared in the first Halloween issue of Doorways, October 2007 and later in The Collection and Other Dark Tales. 

“Obligation” debuted in the Summer 2007 edition of All Hallows and later in The Collection and Other Dark Tales. 

“The Girl Who Drowned,” appeared in Evil Jester Digest, Volume One.  Now available in print and on Kindle. The story is about a child who drowns but doesn’t die, not all the way. Instead she grows more evil each day, while appearing as a miracle to the church.

“The Real Mother.”  When Social Services took Ashlee’s little girl away, she never expected to see her again. Was she better off in foster care? Was she okay? In this holiday tearjerker about a mother’s love, she gets her bittersweet answer.   First published in Merrimack Valley Magazine in December 2008

“Etta and Jojo” Featured in Horror on the Installment Plan. A story based on an original painting by Michael Ramseur. A woman in a mental hospital feigns insanity to protect her sister after a horrific accident.

“The Imaginary Solution” was published in Anthology Volume one, a collection of stories and poems edited by Mark Wholley. This story finds an abused little girl who maginally wishes her way into a better life.

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