Book Marketinig Buzz Blog- posted June 20, 2012


Interview With Tracy L. Carbone, Co-Chair Of New England Horror Writers Association,  And The Author Of The Soul Collector
1.      How big is the New England Horror Writers Association? Our numbers build weekly but right now we are at about 300 members.
2.      How is the genre selling these days? Horror is selling very well thanks to the media embracing shows like True Blood and movies and books like Twilight in addition to all the movie remakes from the 80’s. Horror fiction for all age groups is expanding rapidly and including those who once thought it was taboo.
3.      What is the future for horror specifically and fiction in general? I think horror will always do well. For fiction in general, so long as humans have strife or boredom to escape from, they will seek out fiction in any form. We are too restless as a species to ever be content with only nonficition.
For the full interview-click below


From Haverhill Gazette Feb 2012

Interview by Erin Underwood on Underwords on The Soul Collector

Interview by Sean Hayden on The Man of Mystery Hill


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