My Mosaic Wall-Vehicles and Friends

My boyfriend recently parted with his beloved 2003 Nissan Frontier. It was time as it had about 315,000 miles on it. It still ran well but he bought a newer version last year and didn’t need two trucks. It still had a lot of life left and he wanted someone else to be able to use it. It was only fitting that I memorialize it on the wall.

Around that time we were visiting our best friends, Mike and Jackie, and I noticed their RV in the yard. I took a photo and the next day I began planning to add that to the wall.

It was a lot of work, and in the end I decided that adding the diagonal stripes wouldn’t have the same flow as it does on the real RV.

You can see our friends above their RV. It’s been really fun to fill the wall with all the relevant things in my life, my mosaic time capsule.

For this I used penny tiles, broken plates, and some leftover pool tile that Mike (seen above in stick figure) gave me. I also used glass tile for the windows.

That’s all for today,

Have fun creating!