Deathlehem Revisited

71vyERTv33LAs 2015 nears to a close, I’m happy to post about my newest sale. My story “The Other Side of the Wall,” appears in Deathlehem Revisited: An Anthology of Holiday Horrors for Charity.

We have a nice  but small back yard and are constantly annoyed and curious about the incidents on the other side of the tall cinderblock wall. The neighbors make a lot of noise, and one of their three dogs occasionally hops over the fence. Sometimes we stand on tippy toes so we can try to see what the heck is going on over there. I’m not quite tall enough and I am always speculating.

Hence I wrote this story about a man whose curiosity gets the best of him, and his imagination and nosiness gets him more than he bargains for in this holiday cautionary tale.

I just bought a copy today and am eager to read the other stories in the collection.  Edited by Michael J. Evans and Harrison Graves, this should prove to be a creepy fun read. All proceeds go to charity.

Winter Horror Days

Winter Horror Days front CoverWhen I moved from Massachusetts to California a year ago, I was happy to find the friendly and active Los Angeles chapter of the Horror Writers Association aka HWA LA.

A couple of months ago they put out a call for holiday stories for their charity anthology. The only requirement was that the story have something to do with a Winter Holiday. The collection is titled Winter Horror Days.

I brainstormed for a while and finally came up with the tale called, “The Quiet Christmas Tree.” This humorous cautionary tale involves a man, and a Christmas tree haunted by his emotionally abusive late wife. It also involves the bumbling impoverish burglar who steals the tree for his family. As with all good tales, it has a “happy” ending and the right people learn their lessons.

My story was accepted and I’m excited to be in great company with many other HWA LA authors. The book is up for preorder now HERE in paperback and also available in all e-formats.

Winter Horror Days back Cover