Connecting with People

IMG_0187 IMG_0179 IMG_0175IMG_0201 IMG_0194Years back, I used to attend a lot of conferences. This is in the time before Facebook or Twitter. I went to World Horror and World Fantasy, Thrillerfest, Love is Murder, NECon, New England Crimebake, Romantic Times

But then there was Social Media and suddenly I could keep in touch with people I’d met and also “meet” brand-new ones. I knocked it down to once a year conferences thinking that would be enough, that in person meetings really didn’t matter anymore. That Facebook was really all I needed.

Last week though I attended the World Horror Convention, hosted by the Horror Writers Association. I wrongly assumed I’d know a lot of the people, based simply on the small amount of people I correspond with and the ones I knew “way back when.” Instead I knew only a small percentage. It hit me then that I really need to 1) go to more conferences, 2) update this blog more  and 3) become a little more visible even if that means posting to my nearly forgotten Twitter account.

So to kick off, here are some pictures of some old and new friends from this year’s World Horror Conference in Atlanta. It was wonderful time, chockfull of panels and movies, readings and great conversation.

Please check back as I will be updating the blog a lot more often now.

For today, please check out the sites for as many people in these pictures that I can name. From the top:

Brad  C. Hodson, Rene Mason, Lynne Hansen, Frazer Lee, John Skipp, Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden, John Farris, Bob Eggleton, Eric Miller, John Palisano, Maria Alexander, Joe McKinney, Robert Payne Cabeen, Eric Guinard, and finally Dacre Stoker, who I just met at the con.

There was tons of talent gathered in Atlanta but this is a good start.

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