Newest Short Story Sale-And Went on in Sunlight

untitledI was pleased to hear last week that my short story, “And Went on in Sunlight,” was accepted to the upcoming anthology Pernicious Invaders by Great Old Ones Publishing.

I wrote this story in my month of limbo, after selling my home and before driving cross country with my daughter to start new life in California. I was painfully aware of her new independence as she grew up before my eyes. Tensions were high that in-between month when we stayed at a friend’s apartment. It was hot, our future (though promising) was new and a little scary. I barely saw her that month which drove home the fact that she was becoming an adult and not nearly as dependent on me as she’d been the rest of her life.

One particular night she called to tell me she’d gotten badly sunburned at the beach. She doesn’t really sweat, so more than other people needs to be careful in the heat. I began to lecture her on the importance of staying out of the sun, of the necessity of high SPF sunscreen. She interjected and said, “Mom, I KNOW MY OWN BODY. I’m fine.” And she was of course.

But in my creative odd mind, I carried it further. What if she didn’t know her own body? What if her biology wasn’t at all what she thought, that the sun was so much more dangerous than she could possibly imagine? And so I wrote the story. I’ll post again when the anthology is up for sale.

The title is taken from a T.S. Elliot poem The Wasteland. Read it here. Great poem.

Personal drama makes the best writing prompts.