Cellar Door Anthology

Cellar_Door_Cover_for_Kindle_(3)My story, “Visions of a New York Loft” appeared in the fantastic anthology, Cellar Door, edited by Shawna L. Bernard.

This story is near and dear to my heart, as it was crafted shortly after my second divorce. No, my ex did not lock me in a room or keep me prisoner (like the character suffered), but sometimes it felt like it. Like any good story, my angst and some symbolism helped purge a few demons.

There are some beautiful yet disturbing and creepy stories, poems, and artwork/photos in this large collection and I’m thrilled to be among such talent.

All told there are 317 pages and the collection has something for everyone.

Here is a link of the newest Hellnotes review,  and a sample, by Mary Genevieve Fortier. ” 

“Linguists call it the most beautiful phrase in the English Language,” is the insightful description of “Cellar Door.” After reading those words, I literally uttered the phrase out loud. It is quite lovely indeed, gliding off the tongue as soft butter. The description continues: “What it represents may be something far more sinister.” There’s the catch! The horrifyingly beautiful catch! “Cellar Door” follows through with the promise its description dictates. Ms. Bernard leads us poetically through the first cellar door to open with an introduction that draws you gently into a realm of varying facets of horror.”