A writer friend of mine mentioned last week that he put some of his books up on Goodreads. I told him I had put my YA mystery The Soul Collector up there. So far so good. He asked, “Did you do a giveaway?” I didn’t know what that meant. He explained that there’s a “Giveaway” link. He said he had great luck with it. You offer a few up, and many people who wouldn’t otherwise notice your book are suddenly signing up for the giveaway.

People like to win stuff.

I signed up to give away 5 print copies of The Soul Collector. It was a five day trial ending 3-12. So far 492 people signed up to try and win. 64 have added it to their To-Be Read pile. Not bad for the price of five books plus postage. And of course the hope is that each of the winners will write an Amazon or Goodreads review. 

So that led me to see how else I could drum up the interest and get some reviews by offering FREE stuff. Today I set up a series of Tweets (via Hootsuite) offering free pdfs of The Soul Collector to anyone who wanted to review one, and offering a signed copy to the top retweeter. Not sure how that is going yet as this campaign is only about an hour old.

My Facebook ad ended the other day. In total I spent $50 in a month. The average click ended up costing me about $.30. The total clicks were 164. Total impressions, meaning how many times it appeared on someone’s wall, was 496,000

Now this book isn’t self published, like my Kindle stories, so I can’t keep checking Amazon to see if all this interest is resulting in sales. But I’m hopeful.

Tracy L. Carbone’s novel The Soul Collector is available on Amazon. Please check her main Amazon page as well to view all her fiction work.

  1. Interesting! As somebody who’s just getting into this whole thing, this blog post was really helpful. 🙂

    • tracycarbone says:

      My giveaway contest ended on 3-12. In total 711 people signed up for a giveaway. Five won and I’ll send those out today and about 100 people added this to their to be read lists. Overall, great advertising. 🙂

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