Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day- 2010

This is the first February 14th in about 10 years that I’ve been unattached, and I have to say it’s not so bad. Pretty nice actually. Yes, being with the one true love of your life on the special day would be better, but things take time to develop. And sometimes it takes years of messing up and wrong choices to grasp what you really want. And what I strive for these days is peace. For me, right now, that peace comes from living a happy life day to day. Working at a job I love, hanging out with a handful of genuine friends, being with a teen daughter I could not be more proud of, and waiting with bated breath for the e-book release of my first published novel. Not to mention my subdued Siamese cat and awesome Mini Schnauzer, bringing me lots of daily affection.

I didn’t go away on a romantic retreat or guzzle expensive champagne or answer the door to find dozens of red roses, but where did all those past Valentines get me anyway? Happier as a single woman who has learned to greet each new day with a smile in the present, not longing for a better  future or lamenting on the past.

To all the happy couples, I salute you for figuring it out long before me. For all the singles, enjoy all the wonder around you and eat extra chocolate today.